Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Shower #3

I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend!
Justin and I had great weekend! We did some shopping on Saturday morning/afternoon trying to pick up a few things for our upcoming move on Friday. Saturday night was a lot of football! :)

Today we went to church with my family in George. After church they threw me a baby shower. I had a great time. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! Below is a picture of the table in the entrance of the room. The dress that I have on in my baby picture is actually laying on the table - my mom had saved it! There is also a picture of Justin on the table as well!

Below is my cousin Nikki's son, Dustin. Dustin just turned 1 year old last week! Last time I was with him, he didn't like me - lots of crying and screaming! He was adorable today, and he actually let me hold him. He had fun playing with my gifts today!

We were once again very blessed with so many wonderful gifts! As I have mentioned before, Baby Overman is going to be one spoiled little girl! We also received a special card today - the card from my Aunt Sharon was very special. She had a box of unused cards that she took from my grandparent's house when we cleaned it out after they passed away. One of the unused cards was a baby shower card - so that is what my Aunt Sharon used today. It's amazing how often we are still reminded of Grandpa and Grandma VanBriesen!

Very special family ... Kandi, Devin, myself, my mom, Kayla (We're thrilled to have Devin join our family!!!)

All of our baby gifts from today!

Thanks so much to my family and my Aunt Sharon for planning such a fun shower! I had a wonderful time! Also, thanks to the rest of our family (Grandma K., Shelly, Kylea, Aunt Diane, Becky, Paula, Gracia, and Sheila for coming to the shower - I am so glad you could join us!

We have been busy trying to get things ready for our move. I can't believe it's already less than a week away. I am not a fan of packing, unpacking, and repacking all within 2 months! Thankfully, our Owatonna house sold so fast that we ended up leaving a lot of things packed in boxes. We knew we would buy a house shortly after. However, I did not do a very good job of organizing my boxes very well. I am normally a very organized person, but when we moved this time, I just told people to throw things in boxes. I am kind of dreading opening many of those boxes....lots or random things will be thrown together!

We have gone furniture shopping several times, but we decided to wait to buy new furniture until we are moved into the house....that way we will know for sure what we want.

And...what posting would be complete without some Gizmo pictures??!!

Gizmo and I were cheering for the Twins. He is wearing his Twins collar in this picture - you just can't see it. We're thrilled the Twins won today - too bad they couldn't pull out a win on Friday or Saturday!

This is what happens when Gizmo knows we're leaving and he has to go to his kennel. He actually really likes his kennel, but he thinks we need to play a chasing game first. He always grabs and toy and runs under the table.

And this is what happens when Gizmo can get into the closet. He loves socks, and he has figured out how to open Justin's drawer and get out socks. We found Gizmo hiding in the closet chewing on socks. Many days he'll have 4-5 pairs of socks pulled out. Such a goofy dog!

I hope that you had enjoyed your weekend. Back to another week of work! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Baby!

Hi Friends! I had another doctor appointment today! First of all, the baby is for sure no longer breech. I was actually sure she wasn't breech anymore because on Thursday night I had some horrible pain for about 15-20 minutes. I knew exactly what the pain was - and I was right! Immediately the kicks started coming higher!

Today I measured 3 1/2 weeks ahead - so instead of 33 1/2 weeks, I was measuring at about 37 weeks! (The last 2 appointments I was measuring just 1 week ahead.) The doctor thinks that our baby girl is quite a big baby! She has me scheduled to do an ultrasound in 2 weeks. She wants to check on the size of the baby. She felt that if the baby was quite large, she would probably scheduled me for an induction!

I am excited about the ultrasound! We haven't had one since Week 20, so I can't wait to see what Baby Overman looks like! I may have set an ultrasound record during this pregnancy...this will be #5...and I had 8 of them during the 3 months prior to being pregnant! Good thing for great health insurance! :)

We had a great weekend at Okoboji - VERY relaxing! We were just there on Saturday and Sunday, but it was so nice to get some pool/sun time!

We also really liked the daycare that we looked at on Saturday morning. It is a smaller daycare. They have ages 4 weeks to preschool. It is 2 blocks from my school - which is a great location. I can go visit over lunch if I want! I know it will still be difficult, but I felt really good after visiting. Having worked at a daycare for 3 years during college also helped me to know what to look for and what questions to ask. The main infant room worker has been there since the center opened, and the other main infant worker has been in daycare for 7 years.

I have some school work to get to tonight. I have been trying to get my work done at school and not work at home, but I have also been trying to get things ready for my sub. Also, I am doing conferences 3 weeks early - so those will be here before I know it! So much going on - and I haven't started to pack a thing at our townhouse. Good thing for weekends!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Slow update

Hi Friends! Sorry for a slow update! I actually don't have a ton of news to share this week. Our week was once again busy, but I guess that makes the week fly by!

I have officially completed my 33rd week of pregnancy! Those 33 weeks have sure gone fast. Justin and I were talking the other night about how a year ago at this time, we weren't sure this would happen! God sure sends his answer to prayer at unexpected times! I am still feeling pretty good, but I can honestly say though that warm weather this week has made it a little more difficult for me...since I am supposed to wear the compression tights, I have been incredibly hot. I went 2 days without them and my foot was HUGE by the end of the day! I can say that I am ready for a normal pair of shoes to fit me again!! :) Overall though, I shouldn't complain - this pregnancy has been really easy!

Our house closing is still set for the 3rd of October. Our home inspection has gone through and so all contingencies are lifted - we are ready to be homeowners again!! We are actually going furniture shopping in a little while! Yeah!

Tomorrow we are meeting with a daycare in town to do an initial interview...seems a little scary to put so must trust in strangers to take care of your child! I cry when I take Gizmo to the kennel - can you imagine me on the first day of taking our baby girl to daycare??!! Wish me luck! I know God will lead us in the right direction of daycare ... He has with everything else - even when I didn't think it would work out!

After our meeting, we are heading up to Okoboji for the rest of the weekend. We wanted to get in one last "summer weekend" and enjoy a little sun. Our summer tans have quickly faded!

We hope that you have a great weekend. Hopefully my next update will be a little more exciting with pictures. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hooray for the weekend!

We are definitely enjoying our weekend. We both had a very busy week and were completely exhausted!

My doctor appointment went well on Thursday. The baby's heartbeat sounded great! The doctor thought that the baby had flipped and was no longer breech. She didn't want to say she was 100% about it, but she thought the baby felt different. I agreed with her at first, however, the kicks are still coming really low, so I think the baby is still breech.

We put an offer on a house on Thursday night. Unfortunately, it became a messy situation, and even though we offered full asking price, another couple got the house....long, messy, and frustrating story. Needless to say, we were quite disappointed when it fell through. HOWEVER, we looked at 2 more houses today ... and I am happy to say that on October 3, we will once again be homeowners!!! We ended up picking a little different area of town, but we love it! The house is a multi-level house. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is similar in size to our Owatonna house except that it has an extra 500 square feet in the very bottom level that's not finished. It could be finished into a 3rd family room or office/toy room. (not a legal bedroom since there isn't a window) We probably won't plan to finish it at this point. It will be great storage space. So here are some pictures...

We were so happy that we were able to get a closing date that is a little less than 3 weeks away. It was either move that weekend or probably wait until after the baby is born. What's nice is that we have so much storage in the basement that we can put a lot of stuff down there and once the baby is born, I will be able to move some of those boxes and actually go through them. Not being able to lift heavy things doesn't make it too easy for me .... thankfully we have lots of family around to help! And our families were also thrilled to hear that only 1 room needs to be painted. So it won't take them too long to finish that!

Gizmo will also be excited to have a back yard to play in again. The yard is already fenced in for us (yeah!) so he will have the run of the back yard. He hasn't had since we moved here. He will love the yard!

I have been battling a horrible cold since Wednesday. I keep thinking it's going to get better, but each day it just gets worse. We were supposed to head over to a friend's house tonight, but we ended up cancelling because they have 2 small children and I didn't want to pass this nasty cold onto their family! So we will probably spend our evening relaxing!

I hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Foot Update #2

Great news - no blood clot! I was so happy to get that news!

Unfortunately, the swelling is still horrible in my foot/ankle/leg. I did get the prescription for lovely compression tights. I had no idea they would be so hard to put on! I almost fell off my chair trying to do it! I am thinking about taking Lee Anne's suggestion and wearing them with a mini skirt tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that everyone would think I looked great! :)

We also may have found a house tonight!!! We need to do a little more talking about it, but I am pretty excited about it.

I need to sign off for now - our pizza is almost here. (I know, I'm such a great cook!) I will update after our appointment tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Foot update

Quick foot update-I am having a Doppler test done tomorrow on my left leg to check for a blood clot. I see my doctor on Thursday, but I still called in today - my foot looks horrible. She said she would rather error on the side of I'll update after the Doppler test! Oh, I will also be sporting some new, fancy, thigh high tight things (like my description?) to help with the swelling. They remind me of when my grandpa had to wear them after knee surgery. I know I'll look very trendy! :) HA!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Wedding, Swollen Foot, and Happy Puppy

Hi friends! We have continued to stay busy ... life just doesn't slow down, as I am sure that most of you know! I started my 4th week of school this week. I am starting to feel more comfortable with 2nd grade - it is definitely a lot different than 4th grade!

This past weekend we went to Brad and Ashley's wedding. (Brad and I went to high school together...Justin and Brad were football teammates in high school.) The wedding was beautiful, and we had a great time! Congratulations to Brad and Ashley!

It was nice to see some of our high school friends again! Here's a picture of us...

Myself, Anthony, Taera, Brad, and Renae

And our group again plus Becky - we couldn't find Becky when we took the first few pictures.

Justin and I

I am still feeling good, however, the uncomfortable stage is starting to settle in with me. Because of the baby's position (still breech), I am having a lot of back pain, but just in one spot. The baby's head is pushing against my ribs, and it's causing a spot on my back, about the size of a fist, to hurt. It feels best when I sit against a hard chair, with my own fist digging into it. It's been pretty painful at night too. The other problem I'm still having is my very swollen right foot. It seems to get bigger each day. I told Justin it's hard enough when you grow out of your clothes, but it's even harder when you grow out of your shoes. And it's not like I can buy bigger shoes, because my left foot wouldn't fit into a bigger size since it isn't swollen at all. I am having a little pain on the top of my foot and behind my ankle. I see the doctor again on Thursday, so I am anxious for her to look at my foot again. Just so you can see how big my foot is, I am attaching a picture of it...I know, it's very lovely! At least I have nice pedicured toes to distract you!

Gizmo just got groomed today. He always looks a little funny right after being groomed. He is sure happy though. He had a hard time sitting still for pictures today...the first one is really funny though. I caught him in mid-yawn, and he looks like he is a really mean dog.

We are still house hunting. We actually found a house that we absolutely loved yesterday...unfortunately, there is a HUGE power line in the back yard, and that is a huge concern to us. Of course you hear all of the cancer stories with the power lines, but it's also a huge concern if a storm would knock it down. The house was absolutely perfect for us, so this was kind of a bummer, but I know we'll find the house for us soon. On a great note-our Owatonna house was finally closed on today. The house has been sold for over a month, but it is officially sold now! Yeah! I am still hopeful that we will find a house and move in before the baby is born.

Time to sign off for now - have a super week!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a weekend: Golfing, Anniversary Party, and a Baby Shower!

We sure had a busy weekend, but we had a very fun weekend! On Saturday morning, we did a best ball with all of Justin's family. We drew for teams, and some how Justin, his dad, and I all ended up on the same team. I wasn't sure how golfing would go for me, but I had a great time! I didn't hit every ball, but I did play quite a bit. Our team tied for first. :) Here are a few pictures from golfing...

I should have taken this picture when Justin was actually swinging at the ball - here is he taking a PRACTICE swing. I promise he's not whiffing!

Justin's dad...

Teeing off - my huge belly didn't even get in the way!

Relaxing in the cart!

Our winning team. (Justin didn't get the memo about wearing orange. :))

Here's Justin with his dad and brother...

Saturday evening was the 50th Anniversary party for Justin's grandparents. Again, we had a very nice time. There were so many people there to honor such a wonderful couple! Here are just a couple of pictures:

The Overman family

As Justin would say...we have 10 years of pictures with this same we need anymore??? :)

On Sunday morning we all met for brunch, and then on Sunday afternoon, Justin's family threw me a baby shower! I had a great time! Sherri and Tracy did all of the planning, and they made our afternoon fun! Everyone had to cut a piece of string the length of what they thought would fit around my belly. I actually won this game since I was closest...until we had Justin come do it later, and he was even closer!! Here is a picture of Sherri using the string I cut to measure my belly.

We received so many wonderful gifts for our baby girl. Here is a picture of me opening the high chair that we received from Justin's grandparents.

Justin's family: Grandma Helen, Grandma Marcia, Jamie, myself, Mom O., Aunt Sherri, and Aunt Tracy.

All of the gifts that we received from the shower. We feel so blessed!

Most of the family was going to spend most of today at Okoboji, but Justin and I decided to stay home. I just needed a day to rest. Last night I went to bed at about 8:15, and I think that I took about 3 naps today! Hopefully I feel a little rested for the week. Since starting my job, I don't feel like I've had time to relax. Everything happened so quickly, and I have been busy since! I can't believe that I already start my 3rd week of school tomorrow! It has gone so fast. The kids are going to be surprised tomorrow when I bring in a new class pet...I bought a hermit crab today. The shell is painted like a soccer ball. I am kind of grossed out by the thing, but I'm sure the kids will love it!

We are still house hunting. We were going to look again tomorrow evening, but we decided to wait for a few days to see if anything new comes on the market this week. Hopefully we'll find our perfect house soon!

I hope that all of you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend...enjoy your week!