Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's God's Timing!

Justin and I made it official and are now members of Trinity Lutheran Church. We have attended this church for almost 2 years, and we finally decided to join. We went through 6 weeks of classes - and we officially joined today. What a blessing to have a church we can call "home".

The sermon today was about always asking God for what we want - whether it's best for us or not. Many times we ask for things, and we want them on our timing, not His. Justin and I definitely learned this's not our timing! When we started trying to get pregnant, we wanted it to be on our timing. Little did we know, God had different plans for us. 16 months after the fertility treatments, God showed it would be on His timing and we found we were going to have a baby. We were completely shocked since we had had all negative tests that month! Looking back on those 16 months, they were definitely some of the most difficult 16 months we have traveled through...a true emotional roller coaster. I need to say a huge THANK YOU to Justin for his never-ending love and support through this.

During those 16 months, we couldn't understand why things weren't happening the way we wanted them to. Looking back, during those 16 months, we were blessed with many opportunities that we may not have been able to have if we had been pregnant. Some of the things we were blessed with...
*We were able to help with the high school youth group at Trinity - through this we have formed some wonderful relationships with both adults and students. Each Wednesday night we get to meet with these wonderful people!
*We were able to meet a wonderful doctor and nurse who have taken such great care of me.
*We were able to take a much needed vacation to Jamaica last summer.
*We were able to form some great relationships with friends here, and we got involved in sand volleyball, softball, and kickball.
*We were able to realize what a great support system we have here in Owatonna - and how much they all celebrated with us when we were able to announce our good news.

There are not enough words to thank all of our family and friends for their love and support - you are all wonderful. We can't wait to share our little one with you.

Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had another doctor appointment today, and we heard Baby Overman's heartbeat again. Incredible! I am about 15 weeks along, and the doctor was very happy with how everything is going. I had more bloodwork done to be tested (again) for Fifths Disease. A student at my school had Fifths Disease, and we found out 3 weeks ago that I am not immune to it ... so ... that meant more bloodwork.

I am starting to think that Gizmo knows something is going on. He has started cuddling with me (which he NEVER does otherwise), and he always rests his head on my belly! I really don't know what he'll think of the baby. Every gift we have been given so far, Gizmo has taken and run with it. This could be a problem... :)
Ending with a few pictures of our very spoiled puppy - he LOVES the camera!

Have a Great weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's been a while!

Wow - I can't believe it has already been a month since I have updated...I am not very good at this!

We are still doing great! Baby Overman seems to being growing quickly ... and Mom's tummy seems to be growing even faster! I am about 14 weeks along. We have had 3 ultrasounds already, and everything looks great. I have another ultrasound next week, and then around Week 20 we will find out if we are having a boy or girl! I, fortunately, have not been sick at all through the pregnancy. I have been very lucky!

Justin passed another insurance test last week - yeah! Only about 7 more to go! :) He's a hard worker! I'm very proud of him!

We have enjoyed a few nice, spring days. Although it seem for every nice day we have, we about 5 icky days to go with it! Gizmo thinks the rainy days are great - he LOVES to play in the rain. Unfortunately, he also loves to play in the mud...

Bath time is sure fun when you're trying to make a muddy dog white!

Darin graduates from ISU this weekend - we are very proud of him! He has accepted a job with Anderson Windows in Bayport, MN. We are very excited for him!

I will try to update a little more often than once a month. :)