Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday Night Fun

Tonight I am working on uploading about 150 pictures from the last week. It was a busy week - and hopefully I can get the pictures all in the right order! :)

Last Friday night (a week ago) we at supper at Pizza Ranch. Mr. Twister was there - the kids were pretty excited to get balloons!

After PR, we made a quick stop at the western store that is near PR. Justin and I are going to a Garth Brooks concert next month and were looking for some clothing ideas. :)

I think the kids had more fun than us ...

He looks like a real cowboy with a black eye, right? :)

A Friday night spent at Pizza Ranch (with a balloon guy) and a stop at a western store ...what a night! Ha! :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Fun!

We have had some beautiful, fall weather!! The kids have had a lot of fun playing outside!

This kid jumps off of everything!!

(His eye looks really black in that picture!)

We only have 1 tree in our front yard, but we tried to make a leaf pile. :)

A little football ...

Jayla had been out shopping with Grandma Shelli for a little while, so she missed some of our fun. We made sure she had a chance to throw leaves when she got home. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dolls, Cake and a Black Eye

I am once again a little behind on blogging, but for now, here's a few picture of our kiddos. :)

Jayla loves to play mommy to her baby dolls!

(Stacey Ginskey - if you're reading this -- the white outfit is one that you gave us when Jordyn was born!)

Jordyn made a fun cake out of legos ...

... and shared it with her brother ...

And this sweet boy has a pretty nasty looking eye right now. :(

(ignore the snotty nose in this picture - sorry!)

Jax and another child at daycare were fighting over a toy, and Jax got hit in the face with the toy. His eye looks awful - they said he never even cried! He's a tough boy!

This week is another busy one ... Jordyn had Grandparent's Day at school yesterday. My mom and Justin's mom spent the morning with her. Then she had an early dismissal so she went out to eat and shopping with my mom. Last week she had two no school days so she spent those two days with Justin's mom. She's been pretty lucky to have lots of one-on-one time with he grandmas!

Jayla had a field trip today. Gizmo got groomed today. Jayla and Jax had Tumblebus today. Jax has a field trip tomorrow. I have a meeting on Thursday night. Jordyn has another early dismissal on Friday. Our calendar has a number of other items on it for the week ... we continue to feel like we are constantly running. :) Justin and I are trying to get back into a normal workout routine. We were off a bit off in September. Unfortunately, we head to the fitness center pretty late some nights, which isn't ideal, but we both feel better after we have had a chance to wok out.

It's only Tuesday, and I'm already exhausted. Time for bed!

Weekend in MN

Last Saturday (actually two Saturdays ago) after lunch we headed to MN to see Kandi, Eric, Calvin, Kayla and Josh! We had family pictures scheduled for Saturday afternoon, and we celebrated Calvin's 2nd Birthday on Sunday!

We had a great weekend ... minus the freeeezing weather for family pictures. We have the worst luck for family pictures! This year it was 40 degrees and windy. Thankfully the place that we went was sheltered from the wind. Last year it sleeted when we took pictures, the two years before that it was super windy and super cold, and the year before that we were attacked by mosquitoes and the heat index was about 100 degrees. The kids really did a good job listening during pictures and handled the cold weather pretty well. We had a blanket with us so we could wrap them up if they weren't in a picture. We can't wait to see the pictures that my sister took! She has done an incredible job each year -- especially in such awful weather conditions.

Ready for pictures!

After pictures, we ate pizza and played!

Jax opened a couple of gifts for his birthday from Kandi, Eric, Calvin, Kiki and Josh ...

We also let Calvin open his gift from us. We knew there would be lots of presents for him to open on Sunday, so we decided he could open ours. :)

I know this isn't a great picture of Jordyn (due to a dark room a long flash on the camera), but she was in love with the ring that Josh made for her out of a dollar bill ...

Calvin's party on Sunday was fun! They sure had a full house.

My kids loved this sweet girl, Lainey! Lainey is the daughter of some of Eric and Kandi's friends. Jayla could have held her all day! Jordyn and Jax both loved holding her too!

Jordyn and Grandpa had a fun guessing game going on with numbers!

We had fun weekend with my family! We hadn't seen my sisters since July, so it was nice to catch up with them again, And of course, it was fun to celebrate Calvin turning 2! :)