Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, January 23, 2015

Snow Fun!

It was absolutely gorgeous here on Sunday! After church, we ate a quick lunch, and then I went for a run outside! I loved it! It was 45 degrees with no wind.

Once I got home, we headed outside to play! the kids didn't honestly need to be this dressed up in winter clothes, but that's what they wanted!

"MOM! I can do a butt bounce in the snow!" 

And then he just laid there laughing!

I love this picture. Justin was trying to put the face on the snowman, and Jax just walked up and started hugging it. He does have a sweet side (at times - ha!).

More love! She's a sweetie too!!!

From butt bouncing to head stand ... 

Finished!! (The snow wasn't very sticky so it took a bit to build it!)

My other sweetie ...

Justin decided it was warm enough for board shorts and a tank top (don't worry - just briefly for a funny picture). In his words ... "Who says you need to use a tanning bed to get that pre-vacation tan in January in SD?" Love this crazy guy!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last week!

When January started, I thought the month was going to be pretty low-key and maybe not even very busy. We hardly had anything on the calendar and nothing planned for any of the weekends.

Ha! That all changed very quickly. We have had something almost every night since January 1, and the weekends have been full too!

Last week was crazy. I was gone for a while on Monday night, then when I got home Justin left to go watch football with a friend, we were both home Tuesday night, and then Justin headed out of town on Wednesday/Thursday, I had GEMS on Wednesday night so my parents came and watched the kids. Then on Thursday night I had to go to a funeral visitation/prayer service. My friend and former co-worker, Ranae, passed away from cancer. Ranae and I taught third grade together for 3 years. Below is a picture of the team I taught with for those three years ... Ranae, Linda, myself (I was pregnant with Jax in this picture) and Pam. 

On Friday night we had tickets to the hockey game, so we met up with Jade and Megan for supper and then went to the hockey game. We had great time! Justin's parents helped out with the kids on Friday night. It's been a while since we have had our parents watch our kids for an evening -- and then we used them twice in one week! The kids always have fun with their grandparents. We have some really great baby-sitters that we use often too!

Love our Tall boys! :)

On Saturday, Justin and I both worked out, and then after lunch we headed to SC to watch Justin's cousins play basketball. We went to Justin's aunt and uncle's house first for a bit, then to the game, and then out for supper. It was a fun afternoon/evening. Poor Jax cried almost the whole way home though. He has been having some constipation issues, and we aren't quite finding a quick fix to this. Miralax has always worked for Jordyn, but it's not doing the trick for Jax - and some of the recommended foods with fiber he just won't touch. Jax finally fell asleep about 20 minutes from home and slept until midnight. The poor thing woke up screaming again and screamed for about the next hour and a half. I felt so bad for him. He did fall asleep around 1:30, but he was so restless the rest of the night. Thankfully he woke up and was able to go on Sunday morning ... and then it was off to church!

A couple pictures after the game on Saturday ...

After church on Sunday we played outside. It was 45 degrees! Pictures to come soon. :)

Now this week has been just as busy! I started this post on Monday .. it only took until tonight to get it posted! :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sledding Fun!

Last weekend my brother asked us to come sledding with him and the twins. It was a bit cold (about zero degrees), but we had fun!

Our three kiddos all bundled up!

Jax, Jayla, Logan, Jordyn and Ryleigh ...

We ended up sledding at my parent's house - we were a little more blocked from the wind there. The kids had fun being pulled behind the four-wheeler!

Justin even took a turn driving. :)

We were probably only outside about 30 minutes because of the cold. We played on some snow hills for a little while, and then we headed inside to warm up! Jax and Logan had a lot of fun playing with the tractors!

We had to head back to SF shortly after lunch, because Jordyn had a birthday party to go to. Jayla and Jax played play-doh almost the whole time she was gone.

Being silly!

We had dinner with Justin's parents that night at Perkins. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Like Father Like Son!

If you are friends with myself or Justin on facebook, you saw these pictures a while back. I happened to come across them again as I was going through pictures, and I had to add them to the blog.

One Sunday morning Jax kept hollering for Daddy to come downstairs. Justin went down and asked Jaxon what he was doing. He pointed to a picture by the wall and said, "I look like you, Daddy!"

Jax had dressed himself in his football gear and did this all on his own. :) Of course we would love for Jax to be a Panther someday! :)

Love that kid! (and the big kid too!)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Art Project :)

Last weekend the kids wanted to do an art project ... so I quickly looked for something on pinterest and within in minutes we were making snowmen. They had so much fun, and I loved the idea of using clothespins holding cotton balls to paint instead of paintbrushes. Clean up was super easy!! We also used q-tips for part of it. Very easy and fun!

Jax had a little help from Daddy, but here's the finished projects! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Years Eve!

I don't remember the last time Justin and I went out for New Year's Eve -- it could easily have been 8 years ago! So, for the first time in about 8 years, we went out!

We went out to eat with Jade and Megan and Matt and Michelle, but I didn't get a picture of all of us.

After dinner, Justin, Jade, Megan and I headed out for the evening. We were bummed that Matt and Michelle couldn't go - they weren't able to find a sitter for the rest of the evening. They will be going to Mexico with us this year. Can't wait for the 6 of us to be on the beach!! :)

Of course we had a great night, full of lots of laughing ... and some dancing thrown in there too. :)

We found Megan's good friends, Kristina and Ian. Such a fun night!! :)

Our kids stayed home and had a blast with our sitter, Sidney. Jax cracks me up - he thinks her name is Cindy, so that what he calls her all the time. :)

Losing Teeth!

Jordyn lost two teeth towards the end of summer.

Then she lost her 3rd tooth at my parent's house in December (and found out that their Tooth Fairy pays better than our Tooth Fairy). Ha!

On Christmas Eve, she lost two more teeth - with the help of Justin's mom pulling out one of them! Here she is after those two came out!

(Side note: We stayed at my parent's house that night, so the Tooth Fairy at Grandpa and Grandma's house really had to pay out!)

She lost another tooth just a few nights ago! Four teeth in just a couple of weeks! I'm not sure how she eats!

She's pretty excited about "being in the lead" in her class for the most teeth lost!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Break

My break from school (including the weekends) was 16 days long! It was the longest Christmas break I have had from teaching! I loved it!! Besides celebrating Christmas, the rest of the break was pretty low-key. Jayla and Jax went to daycare 4 days and Jordyn went with them one day. The rest of our days were spent playing, playing and playing some more. :) 

I honestly didn't feel great during a portion of the break. I don't get sick very easily, and this was nothing that made me feel miserable, it was just enough at times to make me want to stay on the couch. I had fevers two different weekends - again, nothing awful, but enough for a bit of an achy body ... I had dry heaves one night ... and then I caught Jordyn's cough and sore throat. The month of December was so crazy and busy with 2 work Christmas parties, 3 different Christmas programs for the kids, the normal work days, baking, shopping, along with many other things. We had something almost every night in December. I completely crashed when it was all over. 

I usually spend my break doing lots of house projects, working out about every-other day, taking care of lots of errands ... but I just didn't have the energy this time. I think I went to the fitness center twice and ran on our treadmill twice ... and I found myself laying around way more than I ever have.

So ... here's the few pictures I did take. :)

Jayla is one strong girl! Jax only weighs a few pounds less than her, and she carries him all over the house!

The one thing I did do during the last 4 days of the break was 3 puzzles! I love puzzles. Two of them were 500 pieces and the other was 700. :)

I can't believe that one week of January is already over!