Three Kids

Three Kids

Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend -- Friday

We headed to the lake on Friday afternoon. It was pretty nice outside, so we were able to take a boat ride, and we made a stop for supper at Barefoot. :)

Although the weather really wasn't great for the weekend, we sure did about everything we could - we stayed busy! Stay tuned for pictures from the rest of the weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Softball Game #1

The girls had their first softball game on Wednesday night. I forgot my good camera, and trying to take pictures of the girls while trying to keep an eye on a little monster we call Jax is almost impossible. :) 

I will take more pictures this week. :)

We enjoyed watching the girls - they have grown so much since softball last year! We can't wait until their next game!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Jordyn ~ Last Day of Kindergarten!

Jordyn's last day of Kindergarten was last Wednesday. As much as I was excited for my school year to be over and for summer to arrive, I was not ready for her to be done with Kindergarten. She loved everything about school, and almost everyday when I would pick her up, she would tell me "it was the best day ever!" We loved her teacher and everything she did! She made some incredible friends and learned so much!

I thought it was ridiculous that I was crying as I picked her up on the last day, but then Megan drove by me, rolled down her window and she was crying too. The two of us cried on the first day of school, and here we were on the last day crying again. Thank goodness for sunglasses!

I took this before school on Wednesday morning (and ignore the deck -- it's getting re-done this week) ...

One more picture with Mrs. Preheim ...

We celebrated by having lunch with Megan, Zach and Brody. :)

Onto summer!

Jordyn ~ Beach Day & Field Day!

The last few days of school for Jordyn were so fun -- beach day, roller skating party (in a previous post), field trip to the library, and field day!

Love this little beach girl!

Jordyn got out of school three days after I did, which was perfect! I was able to spend some time with her at school for her field day. I loved it!

Jordyn and two of her good friends - Makenna and Adalyn!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Arnold's Park and Swimming!!

Since Kayla's party was at the lake, Justin and the kids went and stayed at his parent's house. On Saturday he took the kids to Arnold's Park. I think they had fun!

Then on Sunday morning the kids came and swam at the hotel that I was staying at. They had so much fun!

Another great weekend!