Three Kids

Three Kids

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sanford Legends Banquet

Justin golfs in the Sanford Legends Tournament each year, but this was the first year that we went to the banquet, and we decided to take the kids with us too! The kids were pretty excited to meet a couple of Vikings players!

Jax and Adam Thielen

Jordyn and CJ Ham … he used to work at SFC, so Jordyn remembers him from school!

Jayla and CJ Ham 

Jordyn and Adam Thielen

Courtney Thompson was on the US Olympic Volleyball team … she let the girls wear her silver and bronze Olympic medals!

Jocelyn Lamoureux scored the winning goal for the US in the 2018 Olympics. 

Checking our her Olympic gold medal!

Jaxon's best friend, Gavin,  and his brother Dylan were there too!

This was one of the first times that our kids had to eat "fancy" food … ha!

I joked that it might be a McDonald's night after the banquet … Gavin and his brother felt the same way and their mom said they ended up at Burger King. Ha!

There were tons of silent auction items … this one was a favorite!

Some of the other athletes at the banquet were Robert Parish, Andy North, Johnny Bench and Kirk Hinrich. It was fun listening to each of them speak at the banquet.

Summer fun :)

Our summer is flying by! I know I say that every year … I wish time would slow down. June is busy for us, but not near as busy as May was, so I am thankful for that!

We spend our Mondays and Wednesdays watching softball and baseball. It's hard that we have 3 teams/3 games/3 different ball fields on those nights, but we have loved having our Tuesdays and Thursdays free instead of games four nights in a row like last summer.

The kids got to go to school with me on my last day to help clean up my classroom. They were great helpers!

We are loving our afternoons at the pool!

This girl loves to take selfies with my phone without me knowing. :) 

Just hanging around!

He was pretty happy when Golden State won! I think he slept in his jersey/shorts every night there was a playoff game!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Celebrating Emmalyn!

After a day at MOA, we went to spend the rest of the weekend with my family because it was Emmalyn's 1st birthday!

We stayed at Eric and Kandi's house.
Snuggles before bedtime …

Morning snuggles!

A little bit of dress up fun!

Strike a pose!

Jordyn got to help Eric do check in on Sunday at church!
(and please ignore our lack of church clothes … I packed at 5 AM, and I completely forgot to pack church clothes)

I love this picture of Tessa and Jax ...

We couldn't wait to celebrate this sweet girl! I can't believe she's 1!

This might be one of my very favorite pictures!!

Tessa and Grandpa hanging out …

Love this sweet girl!

She loved her cake!

So many kids. Ha! :) 

Happy 1st Birthday, E!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Mall of America

A few weekends ago we took the kids to Mall of America. We had planned to go to a Twins game, but the weather forecast was not ideal, so we changed plans. (And of course the weather turned out to be perfect for a baseball game, but we had plenty of fun at MOA.)

Ready to get on the rides!

 Jayla didn't want to go on the upside down roller coaster, but the other two kiddos loved it!

Darin, Kathryn, Miles and Emmet joined us too!

Ghostbusters ride!

 Miles joined Justin, Jordyn and Jaxon on the upside down roller coaster ...

We had a yummy lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp ...

Then it was off to the American Girl Doll store. I had made hair appointments and ear piercing appointments for the dolls. The girls were excited!


The whole crew!
We had such a fun day!