Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Friday & Saturday

Justin was out of town over the weekend, so the kids and I headed to my parent's house on Friday after school. My dad took us out for dinner (my mom was at a wedding shower), and then we spent the evening playing with my niece and nephew and visiting with my brother and sister-in-law. The kids had so much fun!

My plan for Saturday was to kind of spend the day relaxing. It was suppose to rain (a lot) on Saturday, and it didn't really rain at all during the day. 

The kids and I spent the morning with my mom, my brother and my niece and nephew. Our kids love their cats, and since Justin wasn't with us, the kids could hold them and play with them.(Justin is highly allergic to cats.)

Oscar loves to be held!

And this little one does not like to share her cat with others, so she was pouting. :)

She was so happy when it was her turn! 

The kids all wanted four wheeler rides, so BJ took each of them for a ride ...

We headed back to SF right after lunch. My parents were with us for a bit since they had a wedding to go to in town. After they left, we played a new game ...

... and swam in the back yard ...

Megan and her boys were going to come over for supper and to play, but shortly before they were heading over, another friend text us and asked us to meet them for pizza at the park. So, we changed our plans and met them. The heat index was about 95 degrees, but with a lot of water, a little breeze and some clouds in the sky, we survived. :) We had 11 kiddos there all 6 and under ...

It was a fun night, and the kids were exhausted after two hours at the park! (so was I)

These two are such good friends ...

The kids and I cooled off after the park by doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. :) It actually felt really good since we were so hot!

So ... what I thought would be a rainy day, spent inside relaxing after a very busy week, turned into a day playing outside and a lot of fun! The kids were worn out and were all asleep by 8:20! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jordyn's First Day of Kindergarten!

Wow. Jordyn started Kindergarten this week!

On Monday night we had open house at school. 

She insisted that she needed to wear her Easter dress. :)

Gifts from her teacher ... and her locker is behind her. :)

Her first day of school was Wednesday. Unfortunately it was rainy, so when we went to take pictures of the kids that morning, we had to be inside.

Jayla and Jax will stay at their same preschool/daycare, but we counted this as their first day of school too. :)

They HAD to have a picture of their backpacks. :) I was a tad bit sad to no longer see Jordyn with her matching Nike bag like the other two. Of course she loves her new big backpack ... but it's the little things that make me tear up.

We did take one quick picture outside ... it was sprinkling, and it was dark since this was at 6:25 AM. 

I took Jayla and Jax to daycare at about 6:40 and went to work until 7:45. Then another teacher took over my classroom and taught my students for the first 25 minutes so that I could leave to be a part of Jordyn's first day of school. I was so glad that I could go.

I met Justin and Jordyn at school. :)

Mrs. Preheim and Jordyn ...

Jordyn and Zach!

They aren't in the same class, but their classrooms are next door to each other. :)

And just like that, she waved good-bye, walked into school and is now a Kindergartner. 

Then Megan and I looked at each other and both let a few tears fall. :)

Her first day was a fun one, and she loved their search around school for the Gingerbread Man who ran away!