Three Kids

Three Kids

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Three Kiddos :)

Just posting a few pictures of the kids today. :) 
I sure love each of their personalities!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

College Friends!

One of Justin's college roommates (and his family) came over last week! They live about 5 hours away from us, and they were headed to the Hills. SF is right in the middle, so it was a good stopping point for them. 

Justin gets together with his college roommates once a year, but I hadn't seen Greg or Bea since Bea and I were both pregnant with our first kids! It was fun to meet their boys, and all 5 kids had a blast playing! They swam in the back yard, ran through the sprinkler, and got out about as many toys as possible. It was a fun night!

Jordyn, Payton, Jax, Jayla and Hayden ...

Greg and Bea - we loved spending time with you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend - Sunday!

I'm finally finishing up the 4th of July posts! 

It was super foggy/humid on Sunday morning, and the lens kept fogging up on the camera while we were outside. However, I still got a cute picture of this little guy who was so excited to go on the jet ski with Daddy! 

Jayla also went for a ride, and she was so excited about all of the waves they hit and that she got soaked!

Watching Jayla!

After lunch, we headed out on the boat to anchor it and swim. The water was quite cold, but Jordyn and Jax both got in!

After boating, it was time to pack up and head home. It was sure a fun four days with our families!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend - Saturday!

On Saturday morning, we went to the parade in my hometown. The kids couldn't wait to get candy!

Grandpa and Jayla waiting for the parade to start ...

My mom drove the Ranger to pass to out popsicles before the parade ...

They loved the firetrucks! 

After the parade, we headed to the lake for the rest of the weekend! We went to the beach - our kids love the beach!

After the beach, we ate dinner and then took a boat to Arnold's Park so the kids could go on a few rides. 

All ready for a boat ride! Yay for a picture with everyone smiling!!

Jordyn and Miles rode the fish together ...

All four kiddos on the train ...

Okoboji sunset ...

Another great day!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July Weekend - Friday!

The Fourth of July weekend was so busy for us, but we had so much fun!! This post is FULL of pictures from Friday!

These first two pictures were actually from a few days before with our firework art ...

We stayed at my parent's house on Thursday night so that we could get up bright and early on Friday to go fishing! There was a fishing tournament for kids in town, and the kids were pretty excited about it!

For some reason my pictures loaded in the wrong order, but after uploading about 200 pictures today, I think I'll leave them out of order! :)

The kids had so much fun! Jayla and Jax each caught one fish and Jordyn caught two fish. Of course we also had a few other bites but the fish got away. :) Jordyn was in a different age group than Jayla and Jaxon, and both girls finished the tournament with the second largest fish in their age groups!! They each won a new fishing pole!

Jaxon's fish ...

After Jax caught his fish, he was pretty happy just sitting around, eating a snack and watching everyone else fish. :)

(Keep in mind these pictures are out of order.)
Fishing with Grandpa ...

This was actually one of the times that the fish got away -- we were trying to get Jax to do some reeling ...

Grandpa, Jordyn and Uncle BJ ...

Check out the fish on Jordyn's line ...

Jayla's bass!

Grandpa is holding Jayla's bass ... she didn't want to touch it!

Jax was very interested in looking at Jordyn's fish ...

Proof that I was there. :)

I love this picture of Jordyn fishing with my dad, my brother and Justin ...

We were proud of our kids! :) The fishing tournament was a fun event - there were 86 kids that fished! 

After fishing, we went to my parent's for lunch. My sisters, Eric, Josh and Calvin arrived too! Then we headed to the pool to swim!!

I think Jaxon jumped to my dad like 50 times.

Just hanging around ...

After swimming it was time for some much needed naps!

My parents had their annual hog roast that night. We enjoyed some good food and fireworks!

We took this picture during fireworks ...

... and then thought maybe Kayla and I should switch places. :)

After the fireworks and hog roast, we (Justin and myself, Kayla and Josh, Kandi and Eric) went to the street dance in town. They had the same band as last year (The Dweebs) ... and we love them!

My friend, Taera, was home from Texas so we met up there. She (and her husband and kids) had actually come to the hog roast earlier in the evening too. :) It was fun to catch up with her again!

Love my sisters!

We were pretty impressed that Justin was able to get this picture of all 6 of us ...

So much fun!! (and after all of that -- we were exhausted!)