Three Kids

Three Kids

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Field Trip to DQ!

Jayla's class took a field trip to Dairy Queen! It was on a day that the kids didn't go to daycare, so we met them there!

We got a tour of the place, ate some ice cream and the kids the got to decorate an ice cream cake!

 Who doesn't love a Dilly Bar at 9:30 AM? :)

The Zoo!

The kids and I love going to the zoo . Justin's grandma gives us a zoo membership for our Christmas present each year. :)

Last week the kids wanted to go, but we only had a short amount of time. I am so glad we went though because the animals were all out and playing! So often we go and the animals are sleeping. Everything was out and playing!

I know it's hard to see, but the albino alligator was swimming ...

The monkeys put on a show for the kids! They were swinging right next to the window, and then they would tap on the window at the kids. It was so funny!

Jax loves to climb!

The tiger was out playing in the water and mud ...

But our very favorite was the bear! He's usually sleeping, but he was roaming all over and climbed up on the log for us. He kept looking right at the kids! We loved it!!

So glad we made a quick 45 minute stop at the zoo!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dentist Visit!

The kids all had dentist appointments last week.

All ready to go ... and trying out their new Sperry's!

I know I have said this before, but Jordyn LOVES the dentist! She can't wait to go!

Jayla doesn't love it, but she does okay. :) This was the best she has ever done! I was very proud of her!

Jax HATES the dentist, and it went about as well as last time ... which was awful!

He was calm while she counted his teeth ... 

... after that I had to hold him down ... Jordyn took some pictures of him screaming! 

We survived (or should I say I survived taking all three kids alone). 

Jaxon told us "I not brave. I cried." We made sure he knew he was still brave though. :)

The three kids were named the "Kids of the Day!" :) 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Soaking Up the Sun!

Our kids love to be outside!

Our summer days continue to be busy and fun (and throw in a little chaos)!

We have been ...

... playing at the park ...

...swimming in the back yard ...

... made lots of trips to the sprinkler park with our friends Zach and Brody (and Megan) ...

... had swimming play dates at our house ...

Three weeks from today I head back to work. I almost get sick just thinking about that. We are loving summer way too much!!